We are constantly theorizing new ways to protect our forests. By working with experienced ecosystem specialists, we are able to create smarter ways to keep trees standing. We put our conservation theories into action by showing landowners everywhere how our business model can help them find ways to sustainably manage forestland.

Our goal is to make responsible forest conservation more widespread. To do this, we must help landowners reframe how they view forests and profit. For hundreds of years people have associated profitable forestland with lumber sales. But so long as landowners see lumber as the best way to make a profit, deforestation will continue. That is why Feronia Forests sustainably manages U.S. forestland as an example to others – to help people discover that healthy trees can offer long-term income opportunities rather than the short-term profit that comes from cutting our forests down.

We call this idea Sustainable Full Forestry™. It is through this multi-faceted approach that we hope to take new ideas for forest conservation from a small-scale effort into a large-scale movement.


Forests are disappearing. For a long time, people have equated profitable forestland with lumber sales. But so long as people continue to think this way, we will continue to have a deforestation problem.


Our goal is to make conservation more widespread. To do this, we believe that we need to make it more attainable, more inclusive, and more attractive to current landowners who rely on their land to make a living.


We are making conservation more versatile. We are regularly generating new ways for people to protect their own forestland while empowering people to continue to use their trees. We call this idea Sustainable Full Forestry™.

Trees Conserved
Over 1,400 acres of timberland could be permanently protected from development as early as 2015 through conservation easements and other avoided deforestation efforts. Another 1,700 acres are to be permanently protected in the following years.

Renewable Energy
On one of its properties, Feronia hosts six wind turbines of the Berkshire Wind Project, which produces enough electricity to power 6,000 homes. Feronia is negotiating an agreement to lease a small portion of its forest for the construction of a 7 Megawatt solar plant.

Carbon Additionality
Feronia’s silvicultural techniques enhance the carbon sequestration that naturally occurs within timberland, capturing over 180,000 tons of additional CO2 over the life of the project.

Healthy Outdoor Recreation
At Ramblewild, Feronia combines recreation with education on conservation issues. Our programs are designed to help today's 'wired' generation to overcome obesity and Nature Deficit Disorder, and make them better connected with our forests and their ecosystems.

Community partnerships
Feronia engages the population living and working in the surrounding areas, and establishes joint ventures and support programs for its activities. This ensures direct community participation in the economic results of the company’s efforts, stimulating goodwill and impact.

Student Outreach & Engagement
Feronia Forward–our 501c3 non-profit–is developing innovative educational programs with local schools to integrate the use of our forests in their curriculum. We offer focused outreach programs inviting students to learn about our forests and the importance of conservation, fostering teamwork and self-confidence while combating obesity and Nature Deficit Disorder.

We are building unique,
scalable forms of conservation that are as financially rewarding as they are impactful to the environment & the communities in which we operate.

How We are Seen By Others

We are proud to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC) and the American Tree Farm System. Feronia is one of only a few timberland managers that is a Certified B Corporation, affirming the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement. In both 2013, 2014 and 2015, Feronia was awarded the prestigious “Best for the Environment” award for B Corps, together with other environmentally friendly corporations.